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Welcome to Save the Rural Society, an Ethiopian non-government organisation in Somali region. We are partner with Save the Rural Society International (SRSI) a USA based humanitarian organization working in the Horn of Africa. In our partnership, We deliver and carry out  programs in Ethiopia. Save the Rural Society International (SRSI) is registered 501(c) 3 nonprofit, tax-exempt organization based in Minnesota and Seattle, WA. Please donate to help us support people in need in Ethiopia


The vision of SRS is to see the Somali region and Ethiopia at large, become a society where poverty is eradicated, individuals and families are economically empowered, self-reliant and actively engaged in the development endeavor.


SRS supports the efforts of the rural poor in general, and pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities in particular, to attain household food and livelihood security, while protecting the environment by promoting economically sound, socially just, environmentally friendly, and resource conserving development techniques.

Instead of leaving it in a pot at home or under the couch, send it to help disaster affected communities in Ethiopia.

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About Save the Rural Society

Save the Rural Society (SRS) is a non-partisan, non-for-profit, non-political, non-religious and non-governmental organization that was set up to holistically address issues that affect the community for example poverty eradication. The organization has been established in 1998 In Ethiopia and is currently registered with Charities and Societies Agency (CSA) with registration # 0606.

As a result of recurrent droughts and erratic climate that increased in frequency and magnitude in the Ethiopia Somali region and the wider Horn of Africa region – The number of internally displaced people grew who have lost their livestock and livelihood assets and system, disrupting social services, increased poverty, and with no means to recover their livelihood, life became unadmirable compelling rural populations to migrate to the town areas in search of wages without any job skills, experience and capacity to earn income to support their transition to starting new livelihoods in villages and urban setting. Additionally there are deficits in the humanitarian development agencies for a context-specific development strategies that addresses the needs of the effected communities, there are knowledge gaps on local cultures, values and norms, thus there was a need to establish local NGO that fills the gap. Therefore, because of these factors, Save the Rural Society came into existence, the founders thought it wise to come up with Save the Rural Society organization to revitalize rural areas development for Pastoralists, Agro- Pastoralists and vulnerable transitioning dropout groups and give those dropout rural communities a voice and choice in their first mile to self-sustaining development and address factors that compel rural people to move with a strong conviction to lift the community out of vulnerability and poverty.

Save the Rural Society mission, as an organization, is to overcome the needs and suffering of the Pastoralists, Agro- Pastoralists and vulnerable transitioning dropout groups, wherever they are in the region, to sustainable livelihood through grassroots mobilization and participation so that their voices are heard, rights safeguarded and their needs addressed. But our vision goes far beyond that.

Our goal is to build the resilience capacity of pastoralists and agro-pastoralists through livelihood improvements, enhanced and strengthened traditional natural resource management systems and agricultural productivity. Build and support vulnerable dropout population recover or restart their livelihood through developing their skills for new employability opportunities as option to earn income in their transition to starting new livelihoods in villages and urban setting, to live a life of dignity and self-sustaining pathway to prosperity, free from misery, want and exploitation.

To achieve this goal our philosophy is to work with others to maximize the impact of our works, building alliances and partnerships. To do it we will continually engage with donors and of like-minded Organization everywhere to be as efficient and as effective as possible of our cause and convince them that we are deserving of their financial and non-financial support.

Each type of work is vital, and every member of Save the Rural Society has an important role to play. That means that in everything we do, we commit ourselves to the highest standards. We are good at what we do, and aim constantly to be the best.

We believe that everyone has basic rights. Everyone has the right to have enough to eat, clean water, a livelihood, a home, an education and health care. Everyone has the right to a safe environment and to be protected from violence. And we believe that everyone has the right to equality of opportunity and to have a say in their future.

We are partner with Save the Rural Society International (SRSI) a USA based humanitarian organization working in the Horn of Africa. In our partnership, We deliver and carry out  programs in Ethiopia


  • Refugee programs
  • Environmental Protection/Natural Resources management
  • Nursery site operation
  • Construction of improved shelter houses for refugees/ IDP
  • HIV/AIDS Programes
  • Water Development and Construction
  • Emergency Water Trucking
  • Multi-purpose cash distribution
  • NFI’s distribution
  • Education Improvement and School Construction